Key People

Charles Chinnaiyah

Chief Executive Officer

Charles ChinnaiyahCharles left his senior IT role in Sri Lanka in 1981 to emigrate to New Zealand with his wife Kalyani and their son. After working for a few years in the business intelligence consulting market, he founded Sysware Group in 1985 as a family-run business. Since those early days, Charles has led `Sysware’s growth into a valued supplier of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics  services to many leading Australasian companies and government agencies.

With over 40 years involvement in business application development, Charles has gained a passion for the power of business intelligence and analytics and the opportunities it can unleash to propel a business forward.

He strongly believes and understands the importance of providing senior management with access to timely, reliable information, allowing strategic decisions to be made to drive the business forward.

Charles and Kalyani balance their city life by developing their olive grove in the southern Wairarapa. The estate has been built from scratch and their hard work is now being rewarded. They won many awards including the Supreme Champion award in 2013 & 2016 for their premium olive oil in New Zealand. The trees are producing high quality extra virgin olive oil and Charles has installed his own olive press and the mechanical harvester to accommodate the growing harvest.

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Tania Trought

Director of Operations


Tania provides support and direction to the day to day operations at Sysware Group.

She brings a diverse background to Sysware Group, extending over many disciplines, with extensive experience in both local and central government functions, and particular experience in primary healthcare as well as in civil aviation. As a result, she understands just how important data and intelligence can be to facilitate sound decision making when it comes to understanding, designing and implementing solutions to social, economic, regulatory and business problems.

She believes change is inevitable. And although change alone is not where value is created, it comes from the ability to embrace new ideas and new ways of doing business. In her view, Sysware's strength is the efficiency with which its team delivers leading-edge solutions and support to those they serve, to create change and growth within their business, whether it be in the private or public sector. 

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Mike Kotlyar

Business Intelligence Solution Specialist

Mike Kotlyar

Mike is a senior executive who has worked in highly competitive industries for blue chip companies. With a background in General Management, Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Merchandising, Category Management, Business Development and Operations across many industry sectors and customer types, ranges from FMCG, Not for profit and membership organizations to government agencies.

His core strength is understanding the Business Requirements and being able to bridge the gap between 'the business' and 'technology'. Specializing in devising and implementing strategies that elevate market performance across all channels, operational effectiveness, revenue, profitability and competitive advantage for organizations.

An advocate of delivering timely, relevant and insightful information to the people who drive the business forward. Mike believes for any Business Intelligence initiative must have the business needs at the heart of all that you do. Your BI partner should seek to understand the business first before applying a technology solution.

Mike possesses a double degree in Economics and Marketing and Bachelor of Arts in International Politics he is also a recipient of the Cornell University Business Scholarship and is a fully Chartered Marketer (Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK)

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Professor Greg Newbold

Advisor - Criminal Profilling 

Professor Greg Newbold is a Professor of Socialology at the University of Canterbury. He is a prolific author and speaks regularly on crime and justice matters at overseas conferences and has published more than fifty articles and book chapters in New Zealand and internationally.

He does voluntary work with prisoners and frequently acts as a consultant to the government on matters of criminal justice policy. Professor Newbold is an advisor to Sysware in developing the Criminal Geo Profiller a leading piece of inovation software designed for law enforcement and Justice.

Josie Adlam

Advisor - Strategy 

Josie Adlam

Josie is an experienced independent director and business mentor with a deep commitment to seeing ambitious businesses succeed and achieve their growth potential.

She has mentored, coached and served as director across a wide range of both industry and lifestage businesses in both Auckland and Wellington – ranging from early growth technology start-ups to established services industry companies to high growth international market expansions.

With a large portion of her previous services industry experience in the ICT sector, including sales, marketing, and product innovation positions at telecom New Zealand and Alcatel-Lucent, She also spent several years at Kiwibank as General Manager Distribution, heading up channels to market and customer experience bankwide.