Sysware Group has a reputation for product development we provide our own IP solutions to help some of New Zealands and the world's leading companies solve some very common challenges.

Criminal Geo - Profiler 

Criminal Geo-Profiling (CGP) developed by Sysware Group brings together 20 years of profiling expertise and the latest Geo-Spatial Information System mapping technology. It provides law enforcement agencies with a powerful tool to help identify areas of criminal risk and narrow down suspect lists to significantly improve the efficiency of police resourcing and profiling of crimes.

The CGP tool suite combines offender and victim data with geographical location of incidents to establish a suspect list. This method of situational scanning has been widely used and accepted by criminologists as an effective way to provide a more focused approach to profiling crimes.

As well as its ability to narrow down suspects, the CPS uses analytical techniques based on past criminal history to identify at-risk offenders and their geographical location. 

Key features
Criminal Geo-Profiling  offers  powerful and flexible tools developed using cutting edge Microsoft technology and makes full use of Microsoft spatial capabilities.

  • Scanning of the criminal environment
  • Criminal intelligence
  • Resource planning
  • Flexible platform
  • Application mobility and scalability  
  • Security
  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly visual presentation tools
  • Powerful mapping functionality

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Transportation Analysis System 

The challenge
For our client being able to measure and forecast the traffic volumes on New Zealands roads and predict the service levels and performance on these roads. Meant that they could plan and budget resources more effectively.

The solution
Taking third party commercial vehicle data and plotting its movement using geo spatial data combined with the ability to literally 'draw' lines on a map to display vehicles passing through a certain point enabled detailed analysis by the hour of traffic across the whole of New Zealand.


The benefits
The ability to take travel data and map it using GPS coordinates is fast and efficient, reducing the reliance on stationary road measuring devices. The software is scalable and can also incorporate other data such as weather, or traffic incidents to enable analysis on a number of dimensions

The System is designed on a Microsoft platform and is first to incorporate Google maps.  Analysis is fast and visual users can draw numerous screen lines and run multiple scenarios around volume and velocity.

Data is displayed as tables within the region or meshblocks with multiple screenlines can be drawn as required.


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