Challenges for Retail

Management information is the life blood of any business, but some businesses have more complex needs than others. Retail in particular presents complex issues and challenges to providers and consumers of business intelligence software. In this paper I wanted to scan the current environment and provide a look at what it is about retail that makes it unique, and to identify some of the challenges talked about by retailers in the adoption of business intelligence techniques and systems.

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What do customer centricity and big data have in common?


big data Dr. Ralf Schneider, CIO of Allianz Group at his recent presentation at the Premier Business Leadership Seminar in Amsterdam

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Show me the numbers


MIT research measures data-driven decision making, analytical culture and humans vs. machines.

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Strength in numbers: Data-driven decision making


big data What value does your organization place on business analytics to help understand and solve problems? MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson[] has spent years researching the value of business analytics to business and has quantitative data demonstrating why businesses that use data-driven decision making perform measurably better than those that don’t.

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Report Governance is Key to Consistent Business Information

Much has been written about managing an enterprise BI Program and implementing data governance. Both of these are key ingredients to business value, but even with well-run BI and data governance programs, business people can get different results when they access different BI deliverables. When this happens, they have to either reconcile or debate the differences. Either way, they’re wasting their time massaging data rather than using it to make business decisions.

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BI use hinges on three factors


There could be any number of reasons why a company's business intelligence platform[] collects dust from never being used, but a recent Information Management report identifies three factors that are applicable in almost any situation.

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Business intelligence data modeling for healthcare falls in three categories


Companies and organizations utilize data modeling in their business intelligence platforms to improve the accuracy, usability and turnaround time for reports. The process has long been through difficult for healthcare organizations, but a recent BeyeNETWORK report states the process is both possible and beneficial for those within the sector.

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