Powerful Solutions for Complex Business

We've worked with many leading organisations, helping them to increase their profits, optimise business and technical performance, analyse and report on their data, develop and implement powerful customer retention strategies and reduce their operating costs.

With over twenty five years experience in the field, we will quickly help you get to grips with your business challenges and give you the support and resources to turn them around.

Our consultants' expertise is available to you, when you need it. They will work with you to provide customised solutions, tailored to your environment, that are designed to be managed and supported by you.

BI Strategy And Roadmaps

Sysware enables your organisation to understand the current state of your BI infrastructure and helps you plan and develop business focused BI roadmaps to get you to the desired future state.


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Data Quality and Data Governance

Sysware Group are is one of the few companies in Australaisia that has formed a DQ and DG centre of excellence.  Our focus is on two separate but joined at the hip concepts of Data Quality and Data Governance which are becoming the bedrock of organisation’s Data Management initiatives.


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Sysware provides Microsoft BI products and support for those clients that operate, choose or are currently using Microsoft products in the New Zealand and Australian market.

As part of this service Sysware provides a comprehensive range of business intelligence solutions along with related infrastructure architecture, design and implementation services.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server and PerformancePoint Services
  • Zap Business Intelligence
  • Zap Technology implementation services
  • Zap Technology support and training
  • Data warehouse business architecture (Kimball Group)
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
  • ISO9001cture reviews and advice

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SAS Solutions

Sysware Group is New Zealand's premier and longest SAS partner with 28 years of BI experience. Sysware supports SAS clients or customers who wish to use SAS as their BI platform.

Sysware provides a comprehensive range of business intelligence services and solutions along with related infrastructure architecture, design and implementation services.

  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Advanced SAS Processing
  • Effective SAS Programming Tips

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Sysware Group is the preferred New Zealand Partner for informatica we can work with you to:


  • Deliver training
  • Offer consulting resources
  • Help with Informatica projects

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Management Services

  • Balanced Scorecards: align reporting to your business strategy
  • Business Performance Management: monitor business performance against your strategic intent
  • Improve Executive and Management Information Systems
  • Build or improve forecasting solutions.

We understand the need to integrate data, metadata, processes and technologies and we know what business needs from these systems.

We work with you to deliver effective systems that are responsive to change.


Our CRM Solutions enable you to build lasting and more profitable relationships with your new and current customers and turn numbers into meaningful insights.

Whether you are building and maintaining relationships with your current customers or growing your customer base through sales and marketing, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that empowers your sales and marketing.

Marketing departments and advertising agencies must cope with constantly changing demands. Our analytic services give you the flexibility and responsiveness you need to:

  • Optimise direct marketing initiatives and marketing campaigns
  • Precisely target new customers
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Target cross-sell & up-sell opportunities
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Increase customer loyalty

Governance and Internal Audit

Today’s technology can make it hard for managers and auditors to recognise problems. By combining data mining with traditional audit techniques, you create effective and efficient tests for making cost recoveries, discovering revenue opportunities an identifying fraud.

Your governance processes probably use rules-based software. From experience, you already know that people can and will find ways to by–pass the rules and escape detection.

Smart organisations use data mining to identify, prevent and reduce fraud and circumventions of rules. When applied correctly, data mining will find cases irrespective of the means used, because even when people change their behaviour patterns, their activities remain exposed in the data.

Specialist IT Services

We provide the scarce resources your IT department needs to complete their projects efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Conversion of legacy systems
  • Data access and data analysis
  • Data cleansing and data quality assurance
  • Extraction, transformation & load (ETL) processes
  • Data modelling
  • Better metadata solutions
  • Spatial analysis capabilities
  • Improved construction of queries & reports
  • Customised training courses on BI concepts, products and services
  • Project management of BI Projects
  • Business analysis

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