Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceAt Sysware Group we take your information challenges and requirements and turn them into answers and insight. Using our experience, skills and technologies to design solutions that draw together the information you already collect and turn it into the intelligence you need to make critical business decisions.

Transforming your data into valued information

Our consultants can help you transform your data into valued information. Enabling you to manage and use your data in meaningful and intelligent ways.

We apply BI technology and analytic’s to provide;

  • Data warehouse design and development

  • Reporting capability and development

  • dashboards and cubes

  • Data intergration (ETL) development

  • Data mining, segmentation and modelling

Our Approach

BI ApproachAt Sysware Group we believe in an open and honest relationship. We understand our clients live in the real world and know that understanding the business needs, is critical to delivering a valuable BI solution.

Sysware Group deliver solutions that at its heart retain business vision and context, but avoid using traditional monolithic, “big bang” approaches that have failed in the past and often incur significant resources and budget to implement.

Therefore our approach reflects this belief. At the start of each relationship we sit down with key business owners from finance to marketing to ensure the business needs are met with the proposed solution and most importantly the BI solution is aligned to the organisations business imperatives.

We then use an iterative methodology to regularly achieve milestones and progress very rapidly. Revisions and enhancements are incorporated quickly following industry best practice to dramatically improves your return on investment and let you start using your data faster.

Providing the Missing Link

Our goal is to provide the missing link that transforms your organisation’s information into meaningful, timely and reliable business information. And we present it to business managers and decision makers in ways that they can really use to make informed decisions.

We do this by engaging with the whole of the organisation like talking to your key stakeholders about what you really need to know so that business unit owners and the leadership team can;

  • Make well-founded business decisions

  • Monitor and actively manage performance

  • Make the links between day to day operations and overall business performance

  • Accurately report to stakeholders

  • Manage organisational risk

  • Retain and build your customer-base

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