Welcome to Sysware Group Data Quality and Data Governance Centre of Excellence

Data Quality (DQ) and Data Governance (DG)

Business Intelligence (BI) has been around since the first business was started. The concept and complexity of BI has undergone numerous evolutions where metrics, processes, tools, models and tools combine to provide Knowledge.

However, many BI initiatives at times focus on the output, with not enough focus on what makes it possible, i.e. the Data. Today there is an increasing focus on the quality and management on data. This is imperative as in an interrelated global business ecosystem; the complexity of the data and data interchanges has gone up exponentially. Regulatory changes, multi-dimensionality of data and subjective interpretation of data are some of the challenges faced with data management.

Sysware is one of the few companies in Australaisia that has formed a DQ and DG centre of excellence.

Our focus is on two separate but joined at the hip concepts of Data Quality and Data Governance which are becoming the bedrock of organisation’s Data Management initiatives. 

Data Governance: Focuses on the Process of managing data. This includes defining the data management process, risk evaluation and execution plan from strategic and tactical view. The focus is on Holistic Management of Data

 A key element of any Data Governance plan is ownership of data from the business and executive layers. As the data interpretation is driven by business, the interpretation of quality and governance parameters and tradeoffs, as well as data transformation stages over the course of its life requires partnership of business and technology teams to make governance outcomes meaningful.

 Focus on

  •          Strategy
  •          Data management process
  •          Risk and Security management
  •          Metrics definition and measurements
  •          Sponsorship of initiatives: Business, Technical and Executive involvement

Data Quality: Focuses on the data from the source, through many stages of consumption to analytics and reporting. Data Quality management is one of the pillars of the Data Governance process. It focuses on Accuracy and Clarity of the data.

Focus on

  •          Clarity and Accuracy of data
  •          Management of data at each stage of  transformation
  •          Definition of quality part of data governance

Tool providers

  •          DataFlux
  •          Informatica

Data Governance and Data Quality  should be a strategic areas of focus for organisations. Managing data at every level with ownership not just from the technology and data management teams, but from the business and executive layers is critical for a successful Data Governance and Quality Management program and for success with Business Intelligence to drive the organization.

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